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OpenLDAP replication on Ubuntu Lucid with cn=config backend

von Mario Rasser

Introduced with Ubuntu 9.10 OpenLDAP uses the cn=config-Backend for “live” configuration of the LDAP-Server without restarting the service. The benefit of the “live” config feature is bought by a complexer configuration with LDAP Syntax and LDIF-Files.

I will describe a easier way to setup a OpenLDAP Replication using slapd.conf as a base for the cn=config-Backend.

The shown way is based on OpenLDAP shipped with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid) using SSL. The master LDAP-Server configuration is not part of this HowTo. So we are considering you have a running Master LDAP Server, that is already configured to provide LDAP Replication mechanism.

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